The First One from Yosemite Winter Trip 2013.

the first shot processed and posted from the recent winter yosemite trip. it was also the only iphone photo of the bunch.

So this one surprised me a bit. Didn’t expect to get one of my favorite shots of the trip on my iPhone, but it worked. Right about this time that I realized this trip was going to produce some magical images. And to think, almost didn’t come. Once we heard it was going to snow, we almost cancelled, until a fellow G+ photographer convinced me I’d be crazy NOT to go. That this was the perfect time to do everything we had to do to get into the Valley. He was right. Anyhow, this one…processed and posted within minutes of being taken…in the midst of a snow storm, in the foggy hills high above Lower Yosemite Falls. Try that Ansel!


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