Topanga Sunset.

OK, doesn’t get too much more bizarre than this bit of serendipity…so within a period of 12 hours yesterday, I was contacted by two separate, completely independent of each other, beef jerky companies, to use one of my images for various purposes. What the hell are the chances!? Beef jerky!? One was a local small independent company making gluten-free beef jerky that’s looking to use one of my Topanga Canyon images for their label, which I could NOT be more excited about, and the other is actually one of the larger corporations and they’re doing some sort of sweepstakes with the National Park Service, so I’m pretty excited about that one as well. Now comes the (UN) fun part of negotiating some sort of terms with them…the business end of it all. One has already offered to purchase it, so that’s easy and good, the other, well, the other…is gonna take some fishing. We’ll see how it goes…

Anyhow, these are the images they’re interested in…one you’ve seen before if you’ve been here, the other you haven’t, but hopefully, soon, you’ll see it at your local grocer…

Nevertheless, it’s a huge milestone for me to have others independently contact me for my images. A bit of re-affirmation and validation that seems to come when you need it most…just another little kick the arse telling you to ‘keep going…’

Ok then…enjoooyy…

El Capitan. Yosemite Valley, California. Winter 2013.


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